1) The FTX Card is powered by the Swipe Visa® Debit Card.
2) The FTX Card is only available to certain users
3) For now, the FTX Card is only available to residents of the USA
4) There may be various fees associated with the FTX Card


What are FTX Cards?

FTX cards, powered by the Swipe Visa® Debit Card, are debit cards connected to your FTX US account.

That means that you can pay for goods with your FTX Card, and it will automatically fund the purchases with your FTX US account balances!  No need to connect it to a bank account or anything else.


How do they work?

The FTX US card allows you to spend your balances on FTX US automatically on purchases.  It works with any tokens on FTX US, not just USD; you can keep BTC and use it to pay!

When you purchase something with your FTX card, FTX US will deduct that amount of funds from your balance.  If you do not have USD, FTX US will CONVERT your other coins to fund the purchase, the same way it would if you had negative USD.

If your account does not have enough total value, the purchase will be declined.


How do I get and use an FTX Card?

Go to to register for your FTX Card.  You may have to submit further KYC information.

You can monitor your card at

FTX will issue virtual cards.  This means that you'll get a card number, expiration date, and CVV, which you can use to make online purchases.  You will be shipped a physical card to the address you've provided on your verification, so watch your mail closely!

Purchase limits are $10,000/day and $50,000/month.


Who can get an FTX Card?

For now, the FTX Card is only available on FTX US, and only to US residents with an SSN.  However, we are anticipating being able to expand availability over time, internationally and to Blockfolio users.

Access to the FTX Card is at FTX US's discretion and may be limited to a certain number of users.


Are there fees?

Users are not charged any fees for using their FTX card!



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