• What do I do if my FTX US card gets damaged, lost or stolen?

    If your card is lost, stolen, damaged or you believe that your card/account information has been compromised, please immediately follow this guide to lock your card and notify us.

    The following steps will assist you in locking your FTX US Debit Card.


    If you have still not applied for your FTX US Debit Card, please follow this guide to do so.

    1. Log in to your account.



    2. Select “Wallet” in the top left banner.



    3. Select “FTX Card”.



    4. Select “SHOW CARD NUMBER”.



    5. Please enter your 2FA code and then click “SUBMIT".


    6. Select “LOCK CARD”. You have now successfully locked your FTX US Debit Card!



    Now that you have locked your FTX US Debit Card, please create a ticket here including all the necessary info of the incident. 


  • How do I report a fraudulent transaction?

    If you believe that there are fraudulent transactions on your account you need to IMMEDIATELY freeze your card and report the transaction/s to us. 

    Follow the instructions on how to lock your card by clicking here.

    Once your card has successfully been locked please open a support ticket on by clicking here. and provide the following information:

    • Email
    • First and last name
    • Transaction ID
    • Amount

    Once this information has been provided a member of our disputes team will be in contact to request any additional information that may be needed.

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