FTX.US users can deposit funds via debit or credit card!

Card Deposits

1. Go to 

2. Click on Deposit on the USD and Stablecoins row

3. Click on Deposit via Card

4. Enter your details

5. Click on Submit Card

Additional Information

FTX US uses Circle to allow you to safely and securely deposit using your debit or credit card. Card deposits are usually credited within a few seconds! If it takes longer, it's because the charge is undergoing review by our external processor. Funds from card deposits are usable for trading as soon as they are credited and can be withdrawn after 7 business days.

Fees will be visible before you initiate the deposit. Enter the amount that you want to deposit to view our fees. When making purchases via credit card, additional fees may be charged by your bank (not FTX US or Circle).

Known fees are:

  • Foreign transaction fees: the exact amount varies by bank, but these are typically around 3%
  • Cash advance fees: these should be rare. The exact amount varies by bank, but these are typically around 3%, sometimes with a $10 minimum.

If charged, these will appear as a separate line item on your card statement. Known banks charging these fees are: Bank of America, Citizens, Bank, PNC, and US Bank.



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