What is FTX Pay?

FTX Pay is an application that allows merchants to accept both crypto and fiat payments for a flat 1% transaction fee with no minimums or upfront costs. 

Merchants can select the currency they receive from FTX Pay, regardless of the form of payment. If a customer pays with BTC or ETH, FTX Pay can convert that into USD or a stable coin at the time of transaction. Merchants do not need to hold volatile assets, nor do they need to perform any conversions after payment.

We recommend that merchants receive payments to an FTX US account because there are no blockchain fees to consider, and we can provide more detailed information about the payment. However you can also accept payment to an external wallet through FTX Pay.

Setting Up FTX Pay

Navigate to where you can create/view your payment apps which receive funds into your FTX US Account (recommended). Creating an app requires a fully verified account. Alternatively you can set up payments to an external wallet. 



Create App (recommended)

Using this mode of payment, we are able to provide detailed information about the payments to the merchant, including via API. Moreover, because on a technical level the payment involves no funds entering or leaving a crypto wallet--only a transfer between two FTX accounts, which live on the same wallet--there are no blockchain fees to consider.

To receive payments to an FTX account, the first step is to create an app associated with that account. From the home page, click the Create/View apps button, which will take you to a page with a table containing the apps you’ve created. Below that table is a Create New button, which will take you to a form for creating an app. On the form you will:

  • Give your app a name. This name won’t be what users will see as the destination of their payments. This is an internal to your payment application, just like the names of your subaccounts on FTX US. Users will see your KYC-verified name as the destination of their payments until you apply to have a different custom name.
  • Specify what currency you will receive. You can accept the payment as is, or have it converted into USD or any currency supported by FTX US
  • Select if you wish to be notified by email after each payment

Enter and submit the information to create the app. Apps you create are forever associated with the subaccount of the user that created it and payments to the app land in that subaccount’s balances.

If you make a mistake while creating an app, you may delete your app so long as the app has received no payments yet. Deleting an app is permanent and irreversible. You may also disable your app, which prevents it from receiving payments but maintains the option for you to re-enable it. Disabled apps will still show up in your list of apps.

Setting up payments

You will be directed to the App Details Page where there is a button labeled SET UP PAYMENTS. Clicking that button brings you to a Setup Page where you can customize settings for your payment widget. You can customize the following settings:

  • Let user choose the amount of the payment (i.e. donations or gifts)
  • Payment Amount
  • memo/instructions
  • Let user leave tip
  • Let user write note
  • Require user to write note
  • alternate email to send confirmations

The notes and memo above do not have an impact on functionality—it’s purely to record notes or make it easier for you to identify who’s paying you. For instance, you can have your website give them instructions on what to enter in the memo field.

As you change the settings, you'll see the code generate below creating the FTX Pay widget. When you’ve chosen parameters that you like, you can copy the code into your website’s source code, and the button should show up as expected. 

Create Orders

In addition to payments, you can create orders that you can send to customers for payment. These are ideal for a service company that charges different fees based on services rendered, or any other business with variable or bespoke pricing. 


Instructional Video


Applying for a custom name and logo

If you want a particular name to appear as the destination of payments, and for a logo to appear instead of the ordinary FTX Pay logo at the top of the payment dialog, you can apply for a custom name and logo to be approved by our staff for your use. You can find the place where you enter a name and optionally upload an image at the app details page ( will take you to the details of the first app you create, for instance) under the header “Request approval for a unique name and/or logo,” under the table of payments to the app. Custom app names and logos are subject to staff approval as an anti-phishing measure.


Receiving payments to an external wallet

If you are interested in DeFi applications, or simply don’t want to make an FTX.US account, you can set up FTX.US payments to an external wallet. Because there is no authenticated account from which you can ask for payment details, it will be difficult to know who is paying you by default, if you are receiving payments for services from unknown parties. Moreover, you will pay a 1% fee, plus whatever we predict the blockchain fees will be (this may differ slightly from the actual blockchain fees paid, since we charge the fee upon payment request).


Customer Checkout Flow

1) FTX Pay provides you with a widget to embed on your site


2) Users click the button and login or create an account. 


3) New users will be prompted to verify their identity by providing KYC documents and deposit funds before they can send a payment. 


4) Upon clicking add funds, users are prompted to make a deposit with credit card, ACH, or with crypto!


6) And finally, they can pay!




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