FTX US's VIP and Market Maker (MM) programs are available to all users on the platform. Once your market share reaches the thresholds outlined below, you will automatically become a VIP and/or MM.

Additionally, VIP and MM tiers override the regular fee schedule, which means that you will always get the lowest fee possible.

If you're a market market and are interested in trading on FTX US, you can apply for an MM1 override in your first month of trading! More details can be found here.

VIP Fees & Requirements


In addition to lower fees, VIPs at FTX US receive a number of benefits, including:

1) Higher API limits

2) Account manager

3) Dedicated API and operational support

4) The ability to provide input to the products that FTX US launches

5) FTX US customized VIP swag

6) Access to exclusive VIP events and partnership hospitality

*VIPs do not generate referral fees from their account, though they can still refer other traders and receive fees for that.


Market Maker Fees, Requirements & Payments


The negative numbers here mean that you receive a maker rebate on your maker trades.

*Note that this will not alter your taker fees; those are whatever they otherwise would be according to the standard fee schedule or VIP program.  The maker fees shared in the table above will override whatever your maker fees would otherwise be.

Market Maker Payments

In addition to the above, we will be paying out $1k per market for the largest maker in that market by volume.


  1. % of exchange volume means % of exchange taker volume--so if you were the taker on every trade and never provided that would be 100%, not 50%.
  2. FTX US reserves the right to interpret, modify, change, or remove these programs at its sole discretion and will review them periodically.
  3. While the criteria for the programs are public FTX US has no requirement to allow specific entities into the programs.


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