If a new user signs up with your referral code, you will receive 30% of their fees, and they will get 5% of their fees back. Users can't have referrals retroactively applied if any trading has taken place. Each user has a unique affiliate link. Your referral code is the last 7 digits number on the affiliate link. This code is found in Settings. When your referee uses your affiliate link to register, the refer code will be automatically applied. We will reevaluate the terms of referral fees in the future.

 *VIPs do not generate referral fees from their account, though they can still refer other traders and receive fees for that.

Note: We do not allow a customer to refer themselves. We reserve the right to discontinue a particular account's referral fees if we determine that it is violating our policies. We also do not allow users to bid on brand, doing so will get your referral commission rebate set to zero. 


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