FTX.US Terms of Service 

FTX US strictly prohibits users from New York, OFAC-sanctioned countries, and other certain countries, in our sole discretion.


If you deposit funds to the wrong address, FTX.US is not responsible for any losses. If the funds are recoverable--e.g. sending an ERC20 token to your ETH address or OMNI USDT to your BTC address--we can try to recover the funds. Doing so is not guaranteed and might take up to a week. We also will charge a fee of at least $200 for recovery. Similarly, sending ETH via a smart contract to FTX.US may not be automatically credited, and may take time to recover.

FTX.US does not permit self trades executed in order to manipulate markets, reported statistics, or cause liquidations. Doing so is a violation of the FTX.US terms of service and may result in account closure.

To ensure account security, please set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your FTX.US account immediately. Our platform will not be responsible for any losses for accounts whose credentials are breached.

If FTX.US has evidence that an account is violating the terms of service, FTX.US reserves the right to shut down the account and, except in cases of suspected violations of our anti money laundering (AML) policy or other similar concerns about the source of wealth or malicious market manipulation, return funds to the user. 



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