Trading fees

FTX.US has a tiered fee structure for all spot markets, as follows: 


You can unlock taker fees as low as 0.025% and earn up to 0.01% in every maker trade through our VIP and Market Maker programs! For more information, visit this page.


  1. There is a fee for margin borrowing.
  2. Fees for the spot markets are charged in the target currency for maker orders and the quote currency for taker orders (e.g. market buy order on BTC/USD would pay fees in USD, limit buy order that executes as a maker would pay fees in BTC).

Wire Fees

  1. You can withdraw below $5000 USD once per rolling week period. Additional withdrawals below $5000 will incur a $25 withdrawal fee. Withdrawals above $5000 USD are free.
  2. If the account has more deposit/withdrawal volume than trading volume in the last month, and at least 5 withdrawals have already been made, all subsequent withdrawals made in the same week will incur a $25 fee.
  3. FTX does not charge fees on wire deposits.

ACH Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

$0.50 per ACH is the standard deposit fee. One ACH deposit over $10 USD per 7 day rolling period is free.

You will not be charged a fee if:

  • this is your first ACH deposit
  • the deposit is over $100

ACH withdrawals have a fee of $1.50 per withdrawal.


Crypto Fees

  1. There are no deposit fees for blockchain transfers. FTX.US pays the withdrawal blockchain fees for all tokens except for ERC20/ETH & small BTC token withdrawals.

NFT Fees

  1. FTX US charges a 2% fee to the seller on each sale or trade.

  2. FTX US charges $3 to mint/list your own NFTs using our self-service mint tool.

  3. FTX US Subsidizes a portion of the gas costs incurred when withdrawing Ethereum NFTs. Note that the amount that our exchange covers may vary due to network congestion and other factors.

Conversion Fees

You are presented a quote (price of your buy/sell) for reviewing prior to confirming the purchase/sale. There are no fees, but quotes may differ from the coin’s actual market value (to account for the spread, impact, and liquidity of the token) which means that the price you see on the market page may not be the same price you are offered as quote.


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