How to Deposit via Bank Transfer (ACH) Using Bank Login Details

FTX.US offers an easy way to link your bank account and make a deposit. ACH Bank transfers are processed directly from your bank account into your FTX.US account. 

Connecting Your Bank:

1. Go to


2. Click on 'Deposit' on the 'USD and Stablecoins' row


3. Click on 'Deposit via ACH'


4. Click on 'Connect a Bank Account'


Note: You will then be redirected to Plaid to connect your bank account. You will use your banking login to connect your bank account.

5. Click on 'Continue' 


6. Select your bank 


7. Enter your banking credentials


8. Select the account you wish to use and then click 'Submit'


9. Confirm the information is correct and click 'Submit'

Submitting An ACH Deposit:

10. Select the bank account that you added and enter the amount that you would like to deposit. You will then need to click on 'Authorize'. Please read the bottom of this page for important info about ACH deposits. 


11. Review the final details and click 'Submit'


Important ACH Info

ACH deposits aren't always early credited due to risk purposes or because of the 5k early credit limit (rolling) being reached. If that's the case, it usually takes up to 6 business days for the funds to clear through the ACH network and land in your FTX.US account. To avoid this in the future, feel free to send a wire deposit.

Please Note: ACH deposits must clear your bank and our bank (6 business days) and then are held for another 7 business days. In the case that there is a delay with the ACH system or technical issues, withdrawals will be available regardless of status on ACH deposits within 15 business days as long as those deposits have cleared your bank and our bank.

We have the right to hold your funds up to 60 days if there is any sign of unauthorized activity or fraud.

For more information regarding depositing via ACH bank transfer, please visit our ACH FAQ page.