FTX US has an OTC portal at where you can get instant, 24/7 OTC quotes for most major coins.


How do I register for FTX OTC?

You use the same account for FTX OTC as you do for FTX futures; so once you've created an FTX account and cleared AML/KYC you're ready to start using the OTC service as well.


How do I deposit/withdraw?

You can deposit/withdraw from FTX OTC at

Deposits will be processed after enough confirmations on the relevant blockchain.  Withdrawals will be processed as soon as possible, within 24 hours.


How do I get quotes?

You can request OTC quotes by going to, entering the details, and clicking 'GET QUOTE'.  This will give a live quote that you can trade against.

If you don't have enough funds in your OTC wallet to do the trade, instead you'll see 'GET INDICATIVE QUOTE'.  This will give the same quote you'd normally get, except that you won't actually be able to trade against it until you deposit enough funds.

Quotes have a default length they last; currently that is about 15 seconds.  Sometimes they will cancel earlier, especially if markets move.  You will know a trade is complete if you receive notification that it is.

Where can I see my trades?

You can see your trade history at  You can also see your current balances at


Can I get a line of credit?

By default there are no lines of credit on FTX OTC.  Some large users can apply to get a line of credit on FTX OTC.  If you want to be able to trade OTC without pre-funding your account with the relevant coins, please:

1) submit ECP docs at

2) submit a support ticket, specifying your anticipated volume and trading profile. 

Note that, in order to get a line of credit, you'll have to meet the definition of an Eligible Contract Participant.






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