1) This is not investment advice

2) NFTs do not necessarily have any intrinsic value.  They also might be illiquid.  If you buy an NFT, you are not necessarily going to be able to sell it for much later, or gain any specific utility from it.

3) You are welcome to buy NFTs if it would make you happy to own them!  But there is no implied economic return associated with doing so.

4) There are no refunds for NFTs, and we will not field customer complaints.  Please only buy NFTs if you understand that doing so does not necessarily give any direct economic value.

5) All participants agree to abide by the FTX US NFT Terms of Service. Minted NFTs may be rejected for various reasons, and all moderation decisions are final. 


FTX US NFT homepage: 

FTX US NFT listing page: 

Note: FTX US is not liable for any copyright or ownership disputes arising from submissions.


How to List NFTs

  1. The NFT homepage displays all of the listed NFTs. 
  2. Go to NFT homepage and click on MINT. This will take you to the List NFTs page.
  3. Fill in all of the fields from the List NFTs page. More info about each field:
    1. Issuer: Public name for the creator of this NFT. "FTX US"
    2. Collection: Name for the category of this NFT. "FTX US Swag"
    3. Name: Name for the batch of NFTs that this NFT belongs to. "FTX Socks"
    4. Description: A description of this specific NFT. "SBF Branded Socks"
    5. Attribute (Optional): The attribute of your NFT and corresponding value.
  4. After completing all of the fields, upload your NFT by selecting Choose File.
  5. Before submitting your NFT submission request, you should read and agree to the FTX US NFT Terms of Service.

Note: All NFT submissions are subject to a non-refundable $3 submission fee. Please allow at least 72 hours for our team to review and approve your NFT submission. FTX US Reserves the right to moderate the NFTs that are minted on the platform, and can reject any NFT that it deems to violate our Terms of Service. 


Can I partner with FTX US for NFTs?

Absolutely!  Please reach out to us if you're interested in offering your NFTs on FTX US. You can also list your own NFT by going to this link. 

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