FTX.US Users can deposit crypto from another wallet or exchange into their FTX.US account! There are no minimum deposit amounts.

If you are a new user, you must secure your account with 2-factor authentication and verify your identity before you can deposit.

  • FTX.US

    1.  Login to your FTX.US account by entering your username and password, or create an account

    2. Upon Logging in to FTX.US, navigate to the wallet tab by clicking "Wallet" in the top left of the screen. Within the wallet tab, scroll down or search for the token you'd like to deposit. Once you have found the desired token, click the "Deposit" button within that token's row.mceclip3.png

    3. After clicking on "Deposit", a menu will appear displaying your FTX.US deposit address for the desired token. Copy this address and enter it into the recipient address on your wallet or exchange that you are sending from. You may also scan the QR code on your wallet or other exchange to automatically insert the correct address. Confirm that you are depositing to the desired token address and then send. 

      Note: addresses are different for each token, and unique to your specific FTX.US account(s). Always directly copy and paste addresses or use the QR code, and double-check that they are correct prior to making any transfers.
    4. After sending, you can check on the status of your deposit by clicking on the "Deposits" tab within the wallet page on FTX.US. Depending on what asset you are depositing and what blockchain you have used, some deposits may take longer to appear. For more information on deposit speed, click here.


    5. Once your deposit is confirmed, your wallet balance will reflect the change and you'll receive an email alerting you of the successful deposit.  Happy Trading!
  • FTX App

    FTX App users can use the app to store send, receive or convert cryptocurrencies.  Follow these steps to deposit cryptocurrencies to your FTX App:


    1.  On the FTX App, tap Invest and then tap the Deposit Funds button


    2. Select Cryptocurrencies


    3. Scroll through the list of supported cryptocurrencies or use the search field to locate the cryptocurrency you are sending to your FTX App


    4. Tap the currency you are receiving to see your receiving address. When applicable, select the correct network to use for the deposit. You will see this option below the QR code.


    If a memo is required for your deposit, please make sure to copy this from the deposit page to make sure the funds are credited to your wallet.


    5. Open your sending wallet and paste the address or scan the QR code in your FTX App.  Always check to see if the correct address has been copied to your sending wallet before sending the funds.  If funds are sent to the wrong address, your funds may be lost.

    6. On your FTX App tap Done.



    • There are cryptocurrencies that are supported on multiple networks.  If this is the case for the cryptocurrency you are sending to the FTX App, make sure you select the correct network before copying the address or scanning the QR code. Cryptocurrencies sent via the wrong network or address will not be credited to your wallet.
    • Some cryptocurrencies require a memo to be attached to your transaction.  The memo will be shown to you on the deposit page together with your deposit address.  It is important that you include this when you send a transaction so the funds can be credited to your wallet. Some wallets might refer to the memo as destination tags, or tags.


    Cryptocurrency deposits cannot be cancelled once confirmed on the cryptocurrency network.


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