FTX US Users can withdraw crypto from our exchange to another wallet! The minimum withdrawal amount is typically around $10 in USD value.

If you are a new user, you must secure your account with 2-factor authentication and verify your identity before you can withdraw.


  • FTX.US

    1.  Login to your FTX.US account by entering your username and password, or create an account

    2. Upon Logging in to FTX.US, navigate to the wallet tab by clicking "Wallet" in the top left of the screen. Within the wallet tab, scroll down or search for the token you'd like to withdraw. Once you have found the desired token, click the "Withdraw" button within that token's row.


    3. After clicking on "Withdraw", a menu will appear with the ability to input the amount you wish to withdraw and the destination address. You can also click the "Max" button to withdraw the entire available balance of the token you selected. "Max Without Borrow" applies only to users who have enabled margin trading; clicking this button will set the withdrawal amount to the amount of tokens you have acquired without using margin. Once you have set the amount to your desired withdrawal size, enter your 2FA code and click "Withdraw."

      Note: addresses are different for each token, and unique to your specific wallet. Always directly copy and paste addresses and double-check that they are correct prior to making any transfers.

    4. After clicking "Withdraw", you can check on the status of your withdrawal by clicking on the "Withdrawals" tab within the wallet page on FTX.US.


      Clicking on the blue transaction ID under the "Status" heading will lead you to a webpage tracking the status of your withdrawal on its respective blockchain. Depending on what asset you are depositing and what blockchain you have used, some deposits may take longer to appear. For more information on deposit speed, click here.


    5. Once your withdrawal is confirmed, your wallet balance will reflect the change and you'll receive an email alerting you of the successful withdrawal.  Happy Trading!
  • FTX App

    1. On the FTX App, tap Wallet and then select the wallet of the coin you wish to withdraw.

    2. Tap the name of the cryptocurrency near the bottom of the page.


    3. Tap Send.

    3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. You can type in the amount on the keypad, or tap Send all to send everything in the wallet out of FTX App. Tap Next.

    4. You can either paste the address that you are sending funds to, or tap to use a QR code. You have to give camera permissions if you would like to scan a QR code. Make sure you double-check the withdrawal address to ensure that you are sending the correct currency to the correct address! If you send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash address (as an example) you will lose your funds. It is not generally recoverable, so it’s a very good idea to make sure you have everything correct before you move on. 

    5. Tap Review to do a final check. If you need to make changes, use the back arrow. If everything looks correct, Slide to submit.

    6. The FTX App really wants you to be SURE that you are not sending your currency to the wrong place. Additionally, for security, we want to make sure that you are really the one withdrawing your funds. To help with this, we’ll send an email to authenticate your withdrawal. Tap to open your email app.
    7. Click on the link in your email, on your phone, to verify. Once you’ve verified the transaction, we will send your coins to the address you specified.


    IMPORTANT:  Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible.  Always check that you have the correct address and network set on the Withdraw page before sending your transaction. If you send funds to the wrong address or via the wrong network, you may lose your funds. Once sent, cryptocurrency transactions cannot be cancelled or reversed.

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