FTX.US offers a wide variety of features, and some may not be immediately obvious to new users. This guide will give an overview of how to use FTX US to its full potential.


The markets tab on the FTX US Pro mobile app allows users to quickly and easily access price movements of the various trading pairs available on our exchange. Beyond that, users can use the star icon in the top left to create a watchlist of assets. Clicking any of the markets listed will allow you to navigate to that respective market and execute orders.








The trade tab within the FTX US Pro app provides users the same charting and order execution functions that are available on the desktop interface. 


  • Charting: Users can manipulate the chart interface by selecting different timeframes, candle types, and adding indicators such as Bollinger bands, moving averages, and more. Additionally, users can configure their own TradingView account to be used within our app by clicking the blue logo in the bottom left and logging in.
  • Advanced Order Types: Users have the ability to place a wide variety of order types within the trading interface. For more information on advanced order types, click here. 
  • Order Placement Calculator: The order placement calculator includes a pop-up menu where users can place multiple orders at once in a quick and strategic manner.
  • Navigation between Markets: Clicking on the 3 lines in the top left corner of the screen allows users to quickly navigate between the trading pairs that are available on the exchange.





The wallet tab allows users to quickly access the balances of each asset they hold, their respective USD values, and navigate to withdrawal or deposit menus. The "Convert" button within the wallet page also allows for users to convert one asset directly into another. In the top right of the screen, users are able to view their full order history and historical account balance by clicking the "History" and chart icon buttons. 







The user tab allows for individuals to configure security settings, access their referral code, set up subaccounts and margin trading, and access the FTX US Helpdesk














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