1) This is not investment advice

2) NFTs do not necessarily have any intrinsic value.  They also might be illiquid.  If you buy an NFT, you are not necessarily going to be able to sell it for much later, or gain any specific utility from it.

3) You are welcome to buy NFTs if it would make you happy to own them!  But there is no implied economic return associated with doing so.

4) There are no refunds for NFTs, and we will not field customer complaints.  Please only buy NFTs if you understand that doing so does not necessarily give any direct economic value.

5) There is no guarantee we will allow you to list your deposited NFT on FTXUS. 

6) All participants agree to abide by the FTX US NFT Terms of Service


FTX US NFT homepage 

FTX US NFT wallet page

Note: FTX US is not liable for any copyright or ownership disputes arising from submissions.


How to list NFTs

1. First you must deposit or mint an NFT on FTX US to populate your FTX US NFT wallet: 

2. Choose between 'Sell NFT' which allows you to set a sell now price or 'Auction NFT' 



Sell NFT: 


Auction NFT: 



  • Mehmet

    Hello there,

    The NFTs I sent as transfers are still waiting for approval.

    I request your information.

    Have a nice day.

  • Krum Haesli

    I am waiting for more than a week now for NFT Review.

    How much longer do I have to wait?



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