On FTX.US, there are various ways that you can purchase crypto. To start, you'll have to fund your account. For more information on funding your account, view the article linked here. 


Buying & Selling Crypto Assets

Note: The maximum order size on FTX US is 99,999,999 units.

On FTX US, there are three ways that you can purchase crypto once you have fiat currency deposited into your account:


Placing an order
To Place an order to purchase crypto assets, you'll enter FTX.US and navigate to the markets page. Upon entering the markets page, you are able to view all of the trading pairs that are available to trade. Select one by clicking into the row of the desired asset.


Once you've clicked on a row, you will be directed to the trading interface page. Here you can view the price chart of the market, order book, and order placement panel of the market that you've selected. For this example, we'll use SOL/USD.


The order placement panel can be found in the top right of this page. To buy an asset immediately at the current market price, click "Market Order" and enter the quantity you of the asset you would like to buy. You can do this by moving the slider to utilize a percentage of your available USD balance. Additionally, you can enter the specific USD value or quantity of tokens you are looking to purchase.


Once you have selected the order type and amount that you desire, click "Buy". Congrats, you've purchased crypto! To get more information on advanced order types, click here.

The same process can be followed to sell crypto assets. Bear in mind that you will only be able to sell assets that you currently own unless you have registered for Margin Trading. 




If someone wanted to convert from one asset directly into another without referencing a chart, they can use the convert feature. You can convert assets by going to and clicking "Convert" in the right side of the row. 


Once you've clicked "Convert", you'll be met with a pop up menu that enables you to choose the asset you'd like to swap for another. The top asset is the one you are exchanging. Select the quantity that you would like to swap and click "Convert."


Congratulations! You've successfully converted one asset into another. 



FTX US also offers a digital OTC or "Over-the-Counter" Portal that can be used by anyone. This option provides utility to traders and investors looking to purchase large amounts of an asset while minimizing their impact on the market. For more information on our OTC desk, click here. 


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