FTX US allows you to build your own External Referral Program. These offer a way for you to:

  • Execute trades on behalf of users that give you permission to do so
  • Share revenue from those trades; you are paid a fraction of the fees they generate

This article describes how the system works and how to set it up.


Create your program

Reach out to us and tell us:

1) What you want your program to be called (see e.g. "TradeX100" in the image below)

2) The login email of the FTX US account you want to receive the revenue share payments


Collect keys

Tell your users to go to to create the API keys for your program and give them to you. By default these will be trading-enabled but not withdrawal-enabled.



Verify keys are associated with your program

For each pair of keys you are given, query the endpoint to verify that they are associated with your program. You should see a response like so:

{'enabled': True,
'externalReferralProgram': 'TradeX100',
'readOnly': False,
'requireWhitelistedIp': False,
'subaccountNickname': None,
'withdrawalEnabled': False}

If the keys you have are not associated with your program (if, for instance, you collected keys before creating your external program), you can submit an `externalReferralProgram` argument to the `POST api/orders` endpoint. Orders tagged with that parameter (whose value should be set to your program's name, case-sensitive) will be associated with your program, just as if they had been requested with keys associated with your program.



Trade and collect a fraction of fees

You will be paid 30% of all fees (according to the same scheme described here) generated by orders sent using keys associated with your program. The payments are daily and are reflected on the Referrals page.



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