Dear FTX users,

FTX is excited to announce that it has partnered with leading hardware wallet provider Ledger, giving you greater control over the safety of your assets.


Users can now select FTX as a swap provider within the Ledger Live app and directly swap more tokens at lower fees. This is all done conveniently on the app and automatically sent to your hardware wallet.

How to swap:

 1.) Download the Ledger Live app and set up your Ledger hardware wallet device.

2.) Click the “Swap” button on your portfolio page, or access it from the menu found on the left.



3.) Select the tokens you wish to swap. In this example we’ll swap USDC to BTC. Next, select “FTX” under Provider and login to your account. 




Please note: The minimum amount you can swap must be US$50 or its equivalent. You must also have a sufficient ETH balance on your Ledger device to cover the gas fees required by the Ethereum network in order to do the swap. You can adjust network fees by clicking on the “Change” button next to “Network Fees”, or leave it at the default “Medium” setting.






4.) When you’re ready to swap, make sure your Ledger device is connected to the Ledger Live app and unlocked. Click “Exchange”, then using your Ledger device, follow the prompts to verify and approve the swap transaction. Allow for a few moments for the swap to process, and when the transaction is complete you will receive a confirmation. Congratulations, you are now ready to perform swaps on Ledger Live with FTX!




Fee Rate


The initial quote you receive before performing a swap is known as a “floating” quote. The quote can be explained as follows:


  • After your deposit of the token you are swapping from (in this example, USDC) has been confirmed on-chain, a re-quote will be automated. 
    • If this re-quote is within +/- 10% of the original quote, the swap will process and be confirmed.
    • If the quote is not within +/- 10% of the original quote, the swap will NOT process and your deposit will be refunded.


  • Swaps on Ledger Live via FTX US are available in all countries that are supported by FTX US. You can find more details on location restrictions here.
  • Currently swaps on Ledger Live via FTX US supports 18 tokens and 325 combinations pairs (650 including reserve pairs). 
  • For additional information regarding Ledger please refer to the Ledger Blog or Ledger’s support page.



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