Introducing New Tiers to the FTX US MM/VIP Program & Lower Fees

Starting August 17, 2022 at 21:30 UTC, FTX US will introduce new tiers to its VIP and Market Maker (MM) program, and amend its fee structure.

VIP / Market Maker Program Changes

Previously, our VIP and MM programs only had 2 and 3 tiers, respectively, with a considerable difference in share/volume requirements between tiers. The general feedback was that this made it too challenging to reach higher tiers, and ultimately reduced competition.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we will be adding new tiers to our VIP/MM programs, for a total of 7 (MM1-MM7, VIP1-VIP7). The new structure will reduce the incremental volume/market share requirements between tiers, and provide more opportunities to unlock lower fees and higher API ratelimits. With this change, we hope to improve competition and create a better trading experience on FTX US.


Fee Structure Changes

We’re also making improvements to our fee schedule, which should benefit both low and high volume traders. Summary of the changes:

  • Removed three tiers for a total of six.
  • Reduced fees for tiers 2-6
  • Reduced the requirement for 0 maker fees by $20M per month

See the new fee structure below:


Higher API Ratelimits for VIP/MM Customers

Along with the changes mentioned above, we’re also increasing API ratelimits for VIP/MM customers. Just like before, each VIP and MM tier unlocks a specific amount of ratelimits, which you can find here. As usual, if you’re on both VIP and MM tiers you will always get the highest ratelimits. For instance, if you’re VIP2 and MM2, by default you will have MM2 ratelimits.

You can check your account ratelimits details on your Profile page in the API section.

See the new API ratelimit schedule below:


Interested in market making on FTX US?

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