Whitelisting Withdrawal Addresses

Increase your account’s security by whitelisting withdrawal addresses. Address whitelisting allows you to withdraw funds only to pre-approved addresses and block transfers to unverified addresses. Address whitelisting is available for both crypto and fiat withdrawals.


How to enable Address Whitelisting

Address whitelisting can only be done from your main account. To get started, go to your account’s Settings page. Under the Security tab, select Withdrawal Destination Whitelisting and click on Restrict Withdrawals to Whitelist in order to enable Whitelisting.

Once you enable it, you will be able to configure your preferred Whitelisting Delay setting to either 1 day, 2 days, or 5 days.

Customers in VIP or MM tiers also have the ability to only allow FTX Admins to whitelist addresses for the account. If this setting is enabled, we will need the account owner (if individual) or one of the company’s directors (if institutional) to complete ID verification through a video call in order to whitelist a new address.


How to whitelist an address

You can whitelist addresses saved on your main account in the Saved Addresses page.

Doing so requires you to provide 2FA, as well as your withdrawal password (if enabled). After submitting an address for whitelisting, you will be notified via email, and the address will be usable after the configurable delay you selected.

For VIP/MMs who enabled FTX Admin approval for all whitelisting requests:

  1. Send an email to compliance@ftx.us from your email associated with the FTX account.
  2. In the email, include a selfie holding your ID and a piece of paper with the date of the request, as well as the following written: “FTX Address Whitelisting Request”. Only an authorized representative who provided documents during the onboarding process can provide a selfie.
  3. Also, include a list of the addresses you’re looking to whitelist. We will cross-check them with the ones you requested on https://ftx.us/wallet/addresses.
  4. Once our team reviews the submission, the address will become available for withdrawal.


Important Notes

Please note address whitelisting can only be done at the main account level. Once an address is whitelisted in the main account, all the sub accounts will be able to use it. 

To withdraw from a sub account, you just need to save the whitelisted address again in the sub account. Otherwise, your withdrawal will be rejected with the error ‘Can only withdraw to whitelisted destinations’.

Other possible reasons that may cause a withdrawal to an already whitelisted address to fail:

  1. Case issue - Addresses are case sensitive, so please ensure the saved address in the sub account or when used in the withdrawal request matches exactly the same address whitelisted in the main account. 
  2. Name issue - The address saved in the sub account must have exactly the same name as the one in the main account.
  3. Method issue - Please make sure the method supplied when withdrawing is exactly the same as what you saved. Additionally, please note that FTX handles ETH withdrawals and ERC20 token withdrawals differently, hence they have different withdrawal methods. An address whitelisted with method ‘eth’ can only be used for ETH withdrawals. In order to withdraw ERC20 tokens you are required to whitelist the address again selecting method ‘erc20’.
  4. Tag issue - Please make sure the tag supplied when withdrawing is exactly the same as what you saved. The most common one causing the failure is save tag = None but supply tag=’ ’ or the other way round.

Disabling Address Whitelisting or reducing the whitelisting delay requires contacting FTX support.


Adding an authorized representative for whitelisting addresses

By default, only those who submitted identification documents during the onboarding process can request new addresses to be whitelisted.

In order to add more authorized representatives for whitelisting addresses, follow these steps:

  1. Have an existing authorized representative send out an email to compliance@ftx.us
  2. In that email include a selfie with the date, FTX account account email, and the list of authorized representatives to be added handwritten on a piece of paper.
  3. Once our team verifies the information provided, the individuals will be listed as authorized representatives and will be able to request new withdrawal addresses.