How to Deposit via Direct Deposit

You can do direct ACH deposits to FTX. These deposits go directly into an account in your name at Evolve Bank and Trust.

When you sign up for Direct Deposit, you are creating a free checking account with Evolve Bank and Trust. You can deposit both directly from bank accounts in your own name via ACH and also receive your paycheck (US) to this account.



If you wish to use this service to receive your paychecks, you will need to share your Evolve Bank and Trust bank account number and routing number with your employer payroll representative. That is the account to which your paycheck funds will be sent. If prompted by your payroll provider/employer, then please enter “Evolve Bank” as the name of the bank and “Checking” as the account type. Once your payroll provider deposits your paycheck into your Evolve Bank and Trust checking account and the funds clear, your FTX US account will reflect the updated balance.



FTX US will waive transaction fees on your incoming Direct Deposits. This account and routing number cannot be used to withdraw funds.

FTX US trading fees will be applicable for any buying, selling, or conversion that you may decide to do with your funds once they have been credited to your FTX US account. For example, if a Direct Deposit of $500 is sent to your FTX US account, there will be no associated fees. However, if you convert that $500 into Bitcoin, then all applicable FTX US trading fees will apply.


Limits and lock periods

There is no limit to the amount you can deposit via Direct Deposit and the funds can be immediately withdrawn.

How do I do it?

1. Go to the wallet page at


2. Click "Deposit" on the USD row


3. Choose the Direct Deposit option.


4. If more information is required, please enter it in the form


5. After completion, you will be provided account details. You need to make the deposit from your bank using these details.


6. If your bank requires verification deposits, these will be credited to your FTX wallet.


Please note: You cannot send wires to this account, you can only send direct ACH deposits to it from your bank account. Wires to this account will be rejected and returned to you and there may be a significant delay.


How long does it take for the deposit to reach my FTX account?

Deposits should land in the timeframe that the transfer type dictates (e.g. 1 business day ACH, 3 business day ACH).


Can I deposit from an account not in my own name?

No, you can only deposit from accounts in your own name.


I have not received my deposit or I have not received the verification deposits.

Please reach out to us on a ticket at and we would be happy to help. There may be a small mismatch in your name which has caused a delay.


Can I access this Evolve account through the Evolve website?

No, you cannot access it. Funds in this account will be deposited directly to your FTX account.