If you had an old Blockfolio account and would like to migrate this to the FTX App, follow the steps below:


Old Blockfolio accounts without an email address attached

On your FTX App (formerly Blockfolio), tap on the Register option and sign up for an account.  Your portfolios will automatically be linked to your FTX account after.

If you need help, follow the steps to getting started here: Setting Up an Account


Blockfolio accounts with an email address attached

Old Blockfolio accounts with the same email address as your FTX Pro, or account may need to be merged with your web account in order to get access to some features. Merging both accounts also gives you the flexibility to access your account on the app and on the website.  To merge an old Blockfolio account with a web account, follow the steps on this page: How to Merge FTX App with your FTX.US Account


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