How can I buy crypto on a set schedule?

You can now set up a recurring buy to cost-average your holdings, for any token we have on the exchange.

  • How do I set up a Recurring Buy?

    Once you are enabled for trading on FTX App, you can head over to Invest and select the coin you wish to buy on a recurring schedule. Tap on the coin’s wallet (e.g. Bitcoin Wallet) and tap on Set up Recurring Buy

    If you currently hold this coin in the app, or have held this in the past, tap on “Wallet”, select the token and tap on Set up Recurring Buy


    1. Fill in details of your purchase

    A. Select your preferred frequency: Daily, Weekly, Every 2 Weeks, or Monthly


    B. Select the source of your purchase, and set the amount. Your USD Wallet is the default option, but you can use any fiat currency you have in your account for the recurring buy. You may tap on “USD” and select your preferred currency available.

    2. Once ready, please tap on the green arrow and Slide to Submit.


    Now when you tap on the coin in your FTX App, you'll see your recurring buys as well as history.

  • How do I cancel a Recurring Buy?

    1. On the wallet page for the coin where your recurring buy is set up, tap the Recurring Buy you have set up for that coin.


    2. Tap Cancel Order.


    3. Confirm the cancellation, or tap Don't Cancel if you aren't ready to make the change.


NOTE: Recurring purchases above $10 are not eligible to get free tokens.

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