To enable Stock Trading on an FTX App (formerly Blockfolio) account, you will need to merge this with an FTX US account.  If you have not done so yet, visit this page for a guide on merging accounts: How to merge FTX App with your FTX web account


When you login to after merging accounts, you should see at least 2 sub accounts: the Main Account (web account) and the FTX App (formerly Blockfolio) account. Stock Trading will only be available on the Main Account sub account.  You will have to delete the FTX App sub account to see this option in the FTX App.


Some important things to note before deleting the FTX App sub account:

  • If you have transactions in your FTX App sub account, download the csv files for these in case you will need it in the future (for example: tax reports).  Click on each tab under the FTX App sub account and click the cloud icon to download the csv files for each of these (Deposits, Withdrawals, etc.)A1Screen_Shot_2022-08-18_at_4.50.30_PM.png
  • Move the funds and NFTs from your FTX App sub account to your Main Account sub account on this page:
  • If you enabled the Earn feature on your FTX App, you will need to enable this again when you log back in to the FTX App


  • Deleting the FTX App Sub Account

    1. On the page, click the radio button beside Main Account


    2. Click on the trash can icon on the same line as FTX App


  • Enabling Stock Trading

    1.  After deleting the FTX App sub account on the FTX US website, login to your account on the FTX App

    2. Tap Invest at the bottom and then go to the Stocks tab

    3. Tap on the Enable Stocks button



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