My balance is negative. Why do I see this in my account?

1. Using Spot Margin: Please refer to this page for our explainer and here to review our Margin Trading Agreement.

2. Failed deposits on your account: If you see a negative balance, it means that one or more of your bank deposits have failed. This may be due to insufficient funds in your bank account, a problem with your bank's systems, or your bank has declined this withdrawal for another reason. We are unable to resolve these situations as they are beyond our control, but you can contact your bank for an explanation.  If you would like to make a deposit to bring the account positive, you can contact us at to resolve it


Chargebacks and ACH Reversal Policy

FTX US is excited to credit an ACH deposit as soon as you make the ACH request. This allows you to make the trades that you are excited to make as soon as you decide to make them!

However in the background ACH transfers do not clear instantly. They take 3-5 business days before FTX is truly in control of the deposit you initiated.

In the event that there is an issue with the ACH deposit like a chargeback, the funds that you were instantly credited with will never actually make it from your bank account to FTX. A $10 fee may be charged in this situation.


My charge failed on my card; why do I still see the pending charge? Why can't you just cancel the charge or credit my account?

Debit and credit cards that are issued by Visa and Mastercard, and your bank, work much the same way. When you initiate a deposit on FTX US with your card, our bank sends an authorization through the Visa or Mastercard network to your bank (issuing bank). Your bank sends a verification to us that, indeed, you have enough funds to cover your deposit, and returns a positive authorization. If you don't have enough credit or funds in your debit account to cover, there's an immediate rejection.

If, for some reason your charge fails - which can sometimes happen on a network with several parties involved (two banks, the issuing network, and FTX US), FTX US cannot honor the deposit. Your bank, however, will hold the authorized amount until the network tells them that the authorization is no longer valid and the charge will not complete.

At that moment, your funds will be returned (they never left!). We cannot return them because we don't have them. Everything is subject to the speed of the card issuer and the Visa and Mastercard networks. Typically debit cards release authorization holds within a few days, and credit cards can take somewhat longer. For more information, there's a helpful article here

FTX US cannot credit or return failed charges, as we were never in possession of them in this scenario. We suggest you speak with your issuing bank regarding a timeframe for the return of authorized funds.

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